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Tamia is 8 years old, when she grows up, she wants to be a singer and dancer. Going to the Club and spending time with family makes Tamia happy and the coronavirus and sick people make her sad. If Tamia had one wish, she wishes for money to give to people that do not have money.

“The Club has great staff! I feel safe at the Club, the grownups make me feel safe. They help correct us if we are making a bad decision and they do it with calm, nice voices. I love to play and help out around the Club.”

Brandie Edsall, Kate Sorenson, and Clara Truex


Whenever I am at the Club it feels like one big family. The staff put their heart and soul every day to empower kids to make wise decisions, promote growth, and aid in becoming young adults. The Club provides a safe place for kids to grow and learn and more importantly a place for kids to be kids.

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“The Club gives me the opportunity to do things I haven’t done before, like join dance, art, and acting.” –Tamia

My Club Program


Giving Kids a Voice through the Arts, these programs are designed to foster creativity in young people and give them outlets for self-expression. From photography to hip-hop, our arts programs have something that will inspire everyone.


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